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Reba Laramy
Reba Laramy
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Offered by:
Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Bay Street Realty Group

12 Gossamer Lane
Savannah, GA 31411
MLS# 188855 ID: 51221130
3 BR • 3 BA • 2603 sq.ft.
Property Description
12 Gossamer Lane, The Landings Well maintained home situated on a large corner lot within walking distance to Plantation Club! 3 BR's, 2.5 BA's, Office/Hobby Room, formal LR w/ fireplace & tray ceiling, formal DR, & a very spacious FR w/ wet bar & doors opening to Deck. Kitchen is large & has granite counters & stainless appliances. BA's have been updated w/ granite counters. Lots of wood floors & a new Deck. Call Reba Laramy at (912) 596-1294 or (912) 355-4171. $399,900. MLS# 188855.
Property Features
Last Updated May 18, 2019
Market Status Available
Property Type Single Family Home
Year Built 1984
Bedrooms 3
Bathrooms 2 full / 1 half
Approx. Lot Size .52 Acres
Sq. Feet 2603
Building Features
Heating System Fireplace
Roof Asphalt
Central Air
Exterior Features
Exterior Construction Wood
Interior Features
Ceiling Fan
Listing Features
Property Type Residential; Single Family Detached
Lot Features
Room Details
Additional Areas Bedroom; Bedroom; Bedroom; Full Bath; Full Bath; Half Bath
Other Features
Attic,Hesse,Jenkins,Hesse,Wet Bar,Sprinkler System,Wired for High Tech
Attic,Hesse,Jenkins,Sprinkler System,Hesse,Wired for High Tech,Wet Bar
Attic,Hesse,Jenkins,Wet Bar,Sprinkler System,Wired for High Tech,Hesse
Attic,Hesse,Sprinkler System,Jenkins,Wired for High Tech,Hesse,Wet Bar
Attic,Hesse,Wired for High Tech,Wet Bar,Sprinkler System,Jenkins,Hesse
Attic,Jenkins,Sprinkler System,Hesse,Hesse,Wired for High Tech,Wet Bar
Attic,Jenkins,Wired for High Tech,Sprinkler System,Hesse,Wet Bar,Hesse
Attic,Sprinkler System,Hesse,Wet Bar,Hesse,Jenkins,Wired for High Tech
Attic,Sprinkler System,Hesse,Wet Bar,Hesse,Wired for High Tech,Jenkins
Attic,Sprinkler System,Hesse,Wired for High Tech,Jenkins,Hesse,Wet Bar
Attic,Sprinkler System,Jenkins,Hesse,Wired for High Tech,Hesse,Wet Bar
Attic,Sprinkler System,Jenkins,Wired for High Tech,Hesse,Wet Bar,Hesse
Attic,Sprinkler System,Wired for High Tech,Jenkins,Hesse,Hesse,Wet Bar
Attic,Wet Bar,Hesse,Hesse,Jenkins,Wired for High Tech,Sprinkler System
Attic,Wet Bar,Hesse,Jenkins,Hesse,Sprinkler System,Wired for High Tech
Attic,Wet Bar,Hesse,Jenkins,Hesse,Wired for High Tech,Sprinkler System
Attic,Wired for High Tech,Hesse,Hesse,Jenkins,Sprinkler System,Wet Bar
Attic,Wired for High Tech,Jenkins,Wet Bar,Sprinkler System,Hesse,Hesse
Hesse,Attic,Hesse,Sprinkler System,Wet Bar,Jenkins,Wired for High Tech
Hesse,Attic,Jenkins,Hesse,Wet Bar,Wired for High Tech,Sprinkler System
Hesse,Attic,Jenkins,Wet Bar,Wired for High Tech,Sprinkler System,Hesse
Hesse,Attic,Wet Bar,Sprinkler System,Hesse,Wired for High Tech,Jenkins
Hesse,Hesse,Attic,Sprinkler System,Jenkins,Wet Bar,Wired for High Tech
Hesse,Hesse,Sprinkler System,Attic,Jenkins,Wet Bar,Wired for High Tech
Hesse,Hesse,Sprinkler System,Attic,Jenkins,Wired for High Tech,Wet Bar
Hesse,Hesse,Sprinkler System,Jenkins,Attic,Wet Bar,Wired for High Tech
Hesse,Hesse,Sprinkler System,Wet Bar,Jenkins,Wired for High Tech,Attic
Hesse,Hesse,Wet Bar,Wired for High Tech,Jenkins,Attic,Sprinkler System
Hesse,Hesse,Wet Bar,Wired for High Tech,Sprinkler System,Jenkins,Attic
Hesse,Jenkins,Hesse,Sprinkler System,Wet Bar,Attic,Wired for High Tech
Hesse,Jenkins,Sprinkler System,Attic,Wet Bar,Hesse,Wired for High Tech
Hesse,Jenkins,Sprinkler System,Attic,Wet Bar,Wired for High Tech,Hesse
Hesse,Jenkins,Sprinkler System,Wet Bar,Wired for High Tech,Attic,Hesse
Hesse,Jenkins,Sprinkler System,Wired for High Tech,Attic,Hesse,Wet Bar
Hesse,Jenkins,Sprinkler System,Wired for High Tech,Attic,Wet Bar,Hesse
Hesse,Jenkins,Wired for High Tech,Attic,Hesse,Sprinkler System,Wet Bar
Hesse,Sprinkler System,Wired for High Tech,Wet Bar,Jenkins,Hesse,Attic
Hesse,Wet Bar,Attic,Sprinkler System,Wired for High Tech,Jenkins,Hesse
Hesse,Wet Bar,Attic,Wired for High Tech,Sprinkler System,Hesse,Jenkins
Hesse,Wet Bar,Hesse,Sprinkler System,Wired for High Tech,Jenkins,Attic
Hesse,Wet Bar,Sprinkler System,Hesse,Attic,Wired for High Tech,Jenkins
Hesse,Wet Bar,Sprinkler System,Wired for High Tech,Attic,Hesse,Jenkins
Hesse,Wet Bar,Wired for High Tech,Sprinkler System,Hesse,Attic,Jenkins
Hesse,Wet Bar,Wired for High Tech,Sprinkler System,Jenkins,Attic,Hesse
Hesse,Wired for High Tech,Attic,Jenkins,Hesse,Wet Bar,Sprinkler System
Hesse,Wired for High Tech,Sprinkler System,Wet Bar,Jenkins,Hesse,Attic
Hesse,Wired for High Tech,Wet Bar,Attic,Hesse,Jenkins,Sprinkler System
Hesse,Wired for High Tech,Wet Bar,Attic,Jenkins,Sprinkler System,Hesse
Jenkins,Attic,Hesse,Sprinkler System,Wired for High Tech,Wet Bar,Hesse
Jenkins,Hesse,Attic,Hesse,Wired for High Tech,Sprinkler System,Wet Bar
Jenkins,Hesse,Attic,Wet Bar,Sprinkler System,Hesse,Wired for High Tech
Jenkins,Hesse,Attic,Wired for High Tech,Sprinkler System,Wet Bar,Hesse
Jenkins,Hesse,Wet Bar,Sprinkler System,Attic,Hesse,Wired for High Tech
Jenkins,Hesse,Wet Bar,Sprinkler System,Attic,Wired for High Tech,Hesse
Jenkins,Hesse,Wet Bar,Sprinkler System,Hesse,Attic,Wired for High Tech
Jenkins,Hesse,Wet Bar,Sprinkler System,Hesse,Wired for High Tech,Attic
Jenkins,Hesse,Wet Bar,Sprinkler System,Wired for High Tech,Attic,Hesse
Jenkins,Sprinkler System,Attic,Wet Bar,Hesse,Wired for High Tech,Hesse
Jenkins,Sprinkler System,Hesse,Attic,Wet Bar,Hesse,Wired for High Tech
Jenkins,Sprinkler System,Wired for High Tech,Hesse,Attic,Hesse,Wet Bar
Jenkins,Wet Bar,Attic,Sprinkler System,Wired for High Tech,Hesse,Hesse
Jenkins,Wet Bar,Attic,Wired for High Tech,Sprinkler System,Hesse,Hesse
Jenkins,Wet Bar,Hesse,Hesse,Attic,Wired for High Tech,Sprinkler System
Jenkins,Wet Bar,Wired for High Tech,Hesse,Attic,Sprinkler System,Hesse
Jenkins,Wired for High Tech,Hesse,Attic,Sprinkler System,Hesse,Wet Bar
Jenkins,Wired for High Tech,Hesse,Sprinkler System,Wet Bar,Attic,Hesse
Jenkins,Wired for High Tech,Wet Bar,Hesse,Attic,Sprinkler System,Hesse
Sprinkler System,Attic,Hesse,Wet Bar,Hesse,Wired for High Tech,Jenkins
Sprinkler System,Attic,Jenkins,Wet Bar,Wired for High Tech,Hesse,Hesse
Sprinkler System,Attic,Wet Bar,Hesse,Jenkins,Hesse,Wired for High Tech
Sprinkler System,Hesse,Hesse,Jenkins,Wet Bar,Attic,Wired for High Tech
Sprinkler System,Jenkins,Hesse,Attic,Wet Bar,Wired for High Tech,Hesse
Sprinkler System,Wet Bar,Hesse,Jenkins,Attic,Wired for High Tech,Hesse
Sprinkler System,Wet Bar,Hesse,Jenkins,Hesse,Attic,Wired for High Tech
Sprinkler System,Wet Bar,Hesse,Jenkins,Wired for High Tech,Attic,Hesse
Sprinkler System,Wired for High Tech,Wet Bar,Hesse,Jenkins,Attic,Hesse
Wet Bar,Attic,Hesse,Sprinkler System,Jenkins,Hesse,Wired for High Tech
Wet Bar,Attic,Jenkins,Hesse,Wired for High Tech,Hesse,Sprinkler System
Wet Bar,Attic,Jenkins,Hesse,Wired for High Tech,Sprinkler System,Hesse
Wet Bar,Hesse,Attic,Jenkins,Hesse,Wired for High Tech,Sprinkler System
Wet Bar,Hesse,Attic,Sprinkler System,Hesse,Wired for High Tech,Jenkins
Wet Bar,Hesse,Attic,Wired for High Tech,Sprinkler System,Hesse,Jenkins
Wet Bar,Hesse,Jenkins,Hesse,Sprinkler System,Attic,Wired for High Tech
Wet Bar,Hesse,Jenkins,Hesse,Wired for High Tech,Sprinkler System,Attic
Wet Bar,Hesse,Jenkins,Wired for High Tech,Sprinkler System,Hesse,Attic
Wet Bar,Hesse,Sprinkler System,Attic,Hesse,Wired for High Tech,Jenkins
Wet Bar,Jenkins,Attic,Wired for High Tech,Sprinkler System,Hesse,Hesse
Wet Bar,Jenkins,Hesse,Hesse,Attic,Sprinkler System,Wired for High Tech
Wet Bar,Sprinkler System,Attic,Hesse,Wired for High Tech,Jenkins,Hesse
Wet Bar,Sprinkler System,Jenkins,Hesse,Attic,Wired for High Tech,Hesse
Wet Bar,Sprinkler System,Jenkins,Hesse,Wired for High Tech,Attic,Hesse
Wet Bar,Wired for High Tech,Hesse,Hesse,Sprinkler System,Jenkins,Attic
Wet Bar,Wired for High Tech,Hesse,Sprinkler System,Jenkins,Hesse,Attic
Wet Bar,Wired for High Tech,Jenkins,Attic,Sprinkler System,Hesse,Hesse
Wet Bar,Wired for High Tech,Jenkins,Sprinkler System,Hesse,Hesse,Attic
Wired for High Tech,Attic,Hesse,Jenkins,Hesse,Wet Bar,Sprinkler System
Wired for High Tech,Attic,Hesse,Wet Bar,Sprinkler System,Jenkins,Hesse
Wired for High Tech,Attic,Sprinkler System,Hesse,Jenkins,Hesse,Wet Bar
Wired for High Tech,Hesse,Attic,Sprinkler System,Hesse,Jenkins,Wet Bar
Wired for High Tech,Hesse,Attic,Sprinkler System,Jenkins,Hesse,Wet Bar
Wired for High Tech,Hesse,Attic,Sprinkler System,Wet Bar,Hesse,Jenkins
Wired for High Tech,Hesse,Jenkins,Hesse,Wet Bar,Sprinkler System,Attic
Wired for High Tech,Hesse,Jenkins,Wet Bar,Hesse,Attic,Sprinkler System
Wired for High Tech,Hesse,Sprinkler System,Attic,Jenkins,Hesse,Wet Bar
Wired for High Tech,Hesse,Wet Bar,Attic,Hesse,Sprinkler System,Jenkins
Wired for High Tech,Jenkins,Attic,Hesse,Sprinkler System,Wet Bar,Hesse
Wired for High Tech,Jenkins,Hesse,Wet Bar,Hesse,Attic,Sprinkler System
Wired for High Tech,Sprinkler System,Jenkins,Hesse,Wet Bar,Hesse,Attic
Wired for High Tech,Sprinkler System,Jenkins,Wet Bar,Hesse,Attic,Hesse
Wired for High Tech,Sprinkler System,Wet Bar,Hesse,Attic,Hesse,Jenkins
Wired for High Tech,Sprinkler System,Wet Bar,Hesse,Jenkins,Hesse,Attic
Wired for High Tech,Wet Bar,Jenkins,Attic,Sprinkler System,Hesse,Hesse
Wired for High Tech,Wet Bar,Sprinkler System,Jenkins,Attic,Hesse,Hesse
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Recent Sales Near Property
Address Beds Baths Price
1 234 Wiley Bottom, Savannah, Ga 31411 3 4 $480,000
2 228 Wiley Bottom, Savannah, Ga 31411 4 3 $485,900
3 225 Wiley Bottom, Savannah, Ga 31411 3 2 $350,000
4 205 Wiley Bottom, Savannah, Ga 31411 4 2 $393,600
5 13 Hibernia, Savannah, Ga 31411 4 5 $725,000
6 2 Hibernia, Savannah, Ga 31411 4 5 $755,000
7 52 Tidewater, Savannah, Ga 31411 3 4 $877,850
8 53 Deer, Savannah, Ga 31411 4 3 $260,000
9 57 Hemingway, Savannah, Ga 31411 5 4 $250,000
10 2 Deer, Savannah, Ga 31411 4 4 $327,250
Data on community demographics, schools and recent sales provided by OnBoard LLC Copyright © 2002 - 2012 OnBoard LLC. Information is deemed reliable but is not guaranteed.
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Quick Glance
Population 8,534
Population Growth 23%
Population Density 404
Median Age 63.8
Median Income $103,440
Households 4,026
Jan Low 35.44
Jan High 57.43
July Low 70.15
July High 90.85
Annual Precipitation (in.) 48.91
Weather Risk Index* 236
*Index score (100 = National Average) that represents the total risk
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Savannah Housing Statistics
Data on community demographics, schools and recent sales provided by OnBoard LLC Copyright © 2002 - 2012 OnBoard LLC. Information is deemed reliable but is not guaranteed.

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